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Go from nothing to website in under a week!

Need your website up yesterday? We can't go back in time, but we have the next-best thing.

Step 1: Initial Conversation

The first step is to jump on the phone and chat about you, your business, and what you’d like to have on the site. We’ll figure out who will be seeing the site and what you want them to do once they get there.

No worries if you don’t have specific content yet – that can get tweaked later. If you have a business name, a logo, a concept, and an email address, we can get started.

Step 2: Development

Once we have everything we need from you, we’ll get to work! The clock starts when we have your content, and the development will be done in under a week. We’ll send you a link for review and we’ll make any minor adjustments you find.

Step 3: Launch

After a round of revisions, your site will be ready to go live!

what you get


You’ll have your site less than a week from when we get your information.

Landing Page

Showcase your business offering on a beautiful home page that gets your customers the info they need quickly.


Out of the box, your site will look amazing on Mobile devices and Tablets as well as larger screens!


Your site is fully customized for your needs, your brand, and your business.


Easily connect to your mailing list service like Aweber or Mailchimp


We’ll shore up the site’s security and show you how to effortlessly keep it secure.


We’ll show you how to make updates to your site so you don’t have to hire a developer for simple changes.


Your site is able to be upgraded later and the cost is applied to the upgrade.


A whole website in less than a week? What's the catch?

There really is no catch!  The one thing that takes the longest in getting a website together is almost always getting website content.  On a landing page, there’s not a lot of “content”, so it’s much easier to get your website done.  You can work on the content later, and we’ll show you how.

So our commitment to you is that once we have everything we need from you to get this website up, we’ll have it back to you in under a week.

So what do you need from me?

Of course we can’t come up with it all in our heads.  You know what you want to offer your visitors, you know what you want your site to look like.  You know who your target market is (or you should, anyway).

We’ll have a conversation right up front about all of that stuff.   Together, we’ll figure out what the landing page should convey.  Before we talk, you should have an idea of what colors you like and ideally a couple other websites or images that convey your feel.

We’ll also need your hosting and mailing list information, if you have it.  If you don’t we’ll talk about some recommendations.

Before we talk on the phone, we’ll give you a complete list of what we need so you know what we’ll ask for.

What if I want more than a landing page?

We fully expect you to eventually want more than a landing page.  What we’ve seen in the past is well-meaning entrepreneurs like you know they need a site, but they wait and wait and wait because “I just need to write these couple of pages and I’ll be done”.  But life happens, and this is a new thing, and next think you know it’s 2 year later and you still have no website.

So we’ve found that if you can get your home page up first, you’re helping yourself do a couple things:

  • You’re getting yourself out to your customers that much faster
  • You actually get to your content sooner than you would if you didn’t have anything

We’ll teach you how to add things to get your website built out when it’s time.  Or if you’d prefer to have us do it, we will build it out for you later and apply what you’ve paid for the landing page to the cost of the whole site.

If you’re ready to start talking about your new homepage, just fill out this short contact form and we will get back to you!

Let's start the conversation!

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