You’re Throwing Away Leads – Stop It!

Did you build your website yourself, or did you have it “professionally” designed? Either way you’re probably throwing leads away without even realizing it.

But don’t worry – you’ll be able to fix it pretty quickly and easily, and you won’t need to spend a dime.

First, there are two basic things you’ll need to be familiar with in order to get the biggest return on your investment. Without them, you’re already losing to your competition.

1. Your Website

Most business websites are broken.

If you don’t have a website or it’s not providing you with customers, you have no idea how much business you’re throwing out the window. We need to start with your website in order to get your internet health in order.

2. Social media

Millions of people use Facebook and Twitter. Do they know you have something they need? Even if you’re a local business, the hundreds of thousands (or millions, depending on your city) of people who use social media want to hear from you.

Just jumping on social media and posting to your potential customers is a good way to get lost in the crowd. Communicating with them properly, though, will get you attention that converts into sales. Are you using social media the right way?

Remarketable can help.

I’d like to provide you with a free video audit of your website. In it, I’ll talk about the things you’re doing right and what could be done better. If that’s as far as our communications go, that’s fine with me. My goal right now is just to give you the information you need to fix your website.

Fill out the form below and we’ll get your free audit started. All you have to lose is the 20 seconds it takes you to fill it out.

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