If you’re not doing this already, you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t think of it sooner. We’ll answer the question of whether to use a Facebook group vs a page.

How it usually goes

Everyone knows that when you have a business you have to get set up on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest at a minimum. Facebook is all the things right now, so that’s usually where people start.

You set up your page, get your banner uploaded, set your icon, and then invite all your friends and family to like your page.

Slowly your tribe starts to see your Facebook like widget on your blog and begin to like the page. Your numbers go up. You post comments and blog posts to the page. Sometimes people respond, sometimes they don’t.

You get undewhelmed at the lack of participation. Isn’t this supposed to be “social” media?

Pages aren’t enough

It’s good to have a Facebook page for your business. It definitely helps you with SEO because it’s yet another business listing with your information for Google to index.

But if you’re only using a Page, you’re missing out on a *huge* tribe-building resource Facebook gives you.

The problem with Pages is that most of the “likers” won’t see your content. A very, very small percentage do. I’ve also found that they aren’t good places for interaction. You can post things and your tribe can respond, and if you’re lucky they’ll start conversations in the comments.

But you really want more.

Do this: Facebook Group vs Page

As a business owner, you want to build a following, a tribe. What do tribes do? They hang out together, talk to each other, encourage one another. And as they do that, they give you amazing insight without you even having to ask.

So how do you do that? In addition to having a Facebook Page, you really need to start a Facebook GROUP for your brand.

With groups, not only can you post things for your tribe to see, but THEY can post things for others to see. They’ll organically start to converse with each other. Eventually they’ll start to see questions they can answer, and they’ll begin to do some of the moderating for you.

Best of all, because it’s much easier to converse in a Group, your tribe updates your posts and keep them at the top. And when a post is constantly updated, it stays towards the top of the group members’ feeds.

You get massive exposure in your group. Many, many times over what your Page is giving you.

Don’t wait another minute. Get over to Facebook and start your Group. Then send an email to your whole list letting them know it’s there.

I want to hear from you: what has your experience with Groups vs Pages been? Share it in the comments (and add a link so we can join!)

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